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I've spent 30 days sharing and training on all things related to technology and tools that will help us TRAIN and TEACH the WORLD! I have found that many of you are ready to get your online course up and running this year.  I have decided to focus on helping those who are looking to get their own online course up, running and sold by launching the ONLINE COURSE FACTORY.  I am in the business of seeing high quality, interesting, premium courses offered to the world.   If you are willing to work, I am willing to work with you. Join now to begin receiving the tools that will help you get started. You will NOT receive random emails.  You will only be given access to special offers,  invited to participate in course building activities, be given premium resources (worksheets, a handbook, 1:1 help) and offered HELP to see your goal of your course launch happen.  If you know you are ready, join now:







I work directly with each and every person who reaches out to me.  Here are some examples of the things that happen in the online course factory.  You can opt-in to one, some or all.  You can work independently, or choose to join a team who will help you.  Here is more about what we can do:


1. Flesh out your course idea, develop the title, validate it and think about your pricing

2. Develop your course outline and work on objectives and your first lesson

3. Work through the rest of your course, validating the content and flow

4. Finish your entire course, price it and place it on the market for sale

5. Learn about promotions and marketing of your finished course

We are starting today! Join me.

Dr. Keisha A.  Kidan

We want to work with you. Let's figure out the best way to collaborate in 2020!

773-789-9009 (24 hr vm)

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